5 Ways Your Partner Can Cheat On You

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4. Spending money secretly

This may come out as a surprise, but there are people who believe that if their partners are spending money without them knowing, it is actually considered as cheating. That’s because they tend to feel betrayed and they like to know about their partners’ needs. Also, spending money secretly can make people feel suspicious.

5. Scrolling through social media secretly

This can be a really tricky situation. Spending time stalking ex-partners, flirting with people on social media or on dating apps can easily make a person jealous. When it comes to ex-lovers it’s really bad, because it gives the idea that there are still feelings there. Stalking their pictures, their profiles and messaging them without the other partner knowing can be easily counted as cheating, especially if there’s a lot of talking or even meetups involved.


Not all the people think of cheating the same way. For some of them, cheating only means having sexual encounters with somebody else, while for others cheating can vary. There is no recipe that can be used to eliminate the possibility of cheating, but like we’ve talked about several times already, communication is always the key!

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