10 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You, According to Studies

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Let’s face it, we all tell little white lies once in a while, and some of them are even meant to protect our loved ones. All of us lie from time to time, and some studies have even shown that lying is necessary for everyday life. However, there’s a huge difference between little white lies and big lies that have the potential to destroy a relationship/marriage.

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Sometimes it can be very hard to spot a liar, especially when you love them very much, and usually, our own suspicion can get in the way of getting to the truth. But we all hate the idea of someone lying to us, especially our partners.

Celebrity relationship expert, Audrey Hope, said that there is no such thing as small lies. Every lie you tell in a relationship has the potential to ruin it. She also added that someone who’s ok with lying is because that’s their ‘thing,’ and chances are that will never change. A relationship built on lies won’t last.

But how can you tell if your partner is lying to you? According to Jack Schafer, PhD, a professor at Western Illinois University’s Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (LEJA) Department and a retired behavior analyst for the FBI, the most efficient way of catching someone with a lie is by looking into their eyes. Everything you want to know is there, he added.

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