6 Secrets Women Only Keep for Themselves

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4. Their crushes

A woman who has a crush on a colleague at work won’t tell anyone about it. The reason is ego problems. They want to keep things private and have enough time to decide whether they want to do something about this crush or if they’ll simply just let it go.

Some of their crushes, like those in Hollywood, Bollywood, or even cartoon characters they liked when they were young, might have been so silly as to be the source of their humiliation. Why give people a reason to judge them based on someone they find attractive? So yeah, some things are meant to be kept secret.

5. How much they spend on makeup

Again, this is one of the biggest secrets that women would rather keep hidden, mainly from men. The answer to the question “How does she look without makeup?” hinges on the amount of money they spent on cosmetics, just as their age determines the details of their private life.

No female wants to be perceived based on their appearance, and if the costs are rather big, it might lead others to believe that they aren’t very attractive and so they spend a lot on their appearance.

6. Their goals and plans for future

It’s believed that everyone should keep their goals private. There are many reasons why people bring each other down, and no one wants to hear someone complain and tell them how much they think they won’t succeed.

Women want to avoid getting involved in something like this, so when it comes to their own plans and goals for the future, they prefer to stay quiet and work on them in private. It makes them more motivated and it gives them a purpose.

…What do you think about these 6 things women only keep for themselves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And if you think that there are more than what we’ve mentioned on this list, feel free to tell us down below! 

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