9 Signs Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

Photo by MDV Edwards from shutterstock.com

3. They don’t make eye contact with you

Eye contact is not only for people who are in love! It can tell a lot about the true feelings of a person, so it’s more important than it might seem!

If you suspect that someone has talked badly about you behind your back, pay attention to eye contact. Do they turn their heads? Are they looking sideways in their direction? Or are they gazing at you longer than usual? These simple gestures can tell you more than you think!

According to psychologists, if someone was just whispering things about you, they might have a fear that you’ll soon find out, so they’ll try different things to make you think otherwise.

For instance, they can avoid making eye contact with you, or they can overcompensate and glare at you for a longer period of time than usual. They may also gaze more nervously at others in an effort to escape the cringe-worthy situation. Basically, if their eye contact feels unusual for them, that could be a warning flag for you.

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