9 Signs Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

Photo by Dean Drobot from shutterstock.com

7. The Panic Sets In

It’s hard to put this sign into words, but you’ll recognize it the minute you see it. It’s probably not a good sign if you enter a room and everyone scatters or seems startled to see you there.

Whether searching for changes in an individual’s or a group’s behavior, there is a specific way that individuals act, and it can tell a lot about their thoughts.

For instance, if suddenly, as you go up, people kind of scramble a little bit, then that is a clue as well. A person’s gut reaction to an unusual situation, such as a sudden flurry of activity, is usually spot on.

This means that if you have a premonition that some people aren’t being the nicest towards you, your gut will send you a signal about it.

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