6 Compliments You Didn’t Know Are Actually Offensive

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1. You’re such a strong person

When someone is going through a tough and hard time, the majority of people want to express their support and assurance in their ability to get past that period. Some of them really appreciate the support and they see it as a motivation to get over the difficult time, while others see it as something bad and insulting.

That’s because they perceive the whole thing as something that just calls attention to the fact that their life is not exactly the best it can be at the moment. Some relationship experts even say that there are times when people don’t want to be strong, or don’t have any idea on how to handle the challenges. As you can imagine, this type of comment only makes them feel even more insecure about the fact that they’re not doing what they’re “supposed” to be doing.

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2. Hey, you’re on time 

Some people are always on time, some aren’t. That’s a fact. However, when you want to give your chronically late friends a compliment on being at a certain location on time, they are more likely to see it as an insult. That’s because all you do is actually point out that they’re not usually punctual, and they can easily see this as condescending.

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3. I’m proud of you for getting a raise

We’ve never thought that complimenting someone for getting a raise could actually be perceived as something offensive, but a few relationship experts say something else. However, there’s a spin to this situation, and we have to say that something like this is more likely to happen to people who are part of a long and serious relationship.

When someone tells their significant other that they’re proud of them for getting a raise, instead of seeing it as something good and positive, they actually feel like they’re only worth as much as their paycheck is. It might be difficult to believe, but in their minds, they will mainly think of the fact that they didn’t receive as much money before, which can lead to feelings such as embarrassment and even guilt.

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