6 Compliments You Didn’t Know Are Actually Offensive

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4. This new hairstyle makes you look younger

We all love being complimented when we have a certain change of look. It makes us feel a bit different, but in a good way, more confident, and more beautiful. However, there are times when people try to compliment someone on their new look but end up pointing out how bad they used to look.

Instead of telling someone that their new hairstyle fits them so well and also makes them look a lot younger, it’s better to stick to the first part; there’s no need to elaborate, especially when it can make someone feel bad.

5. You look so good, why are you single?

The thing single people love the most is someone who constantly reminds them of their relationship status, right? Well, of course not. As much as you want to make someone feel better about their love life by telling them how good they look, you’re actually making things worse.

That’s because you’re implying that they’re bad partners, so there might be something wrong with them that keeps them single. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to not comment on someone else’s relationship status unless they are the ones who talk and bring up the conversation first.

…Have you ever asked someone something like this? What answer did they give you? We want to know more, so tell us in the comments!

6. You have a nice smile, you should smile more 

This might come as a sincere and genuine compliment because you really want to see someone smile and be in a good mood, but some people don’t see it that way. They are more likely to understand that you don’t like their mood. Even though this might not be your intention, it might be best to only say something like this to people you know very well and you have no doubt regarding the way they’ll react.

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