5 Online Dates That Turned Deadly

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Online dating allows people to get to know each other through the World Wide Web, chat rooms, online dating services, online games, and social platforms. This modern practice can be quite funny and beneficial, helping people to socialize with other people that share common interests and beliefs.

However, online dating has its dangers too. Because you don’t always know who you’re going to meet and what can happen, anyone can become a victim, just like these 5 people that met their tragic end because of online dating.

Jette Jacobs (67)

Jette Jacobs was a 67-year-old woman from Australia, who after her husband’s death tried to find some relief and comfort through online dating sites. Here, she seems to have found a 28-year-old Nigerian partner, Jesse Orowo Omokoh, with whom she had an online relationship for 4 years. All this time, Jette sent him money and gifts worth $200,000.

In 2013 she went to South Africa to visit him for the first time. Shortly afterwards, she was found dead in the house she had rented during the visit. All her belongings were missing. It seems that Omokoh had 32 fake online aliases, but he, sadly, disappeared after the police contacted him.

LaVar Watson (27)

LaVar Watson died at just 27 years old, after meeting Ashley LeVelle at a movie theater in October 2011, after they had previously met through an online dating site. Later on, the two got into LeVelle’s car where her accomplice, Stevin Roopnarine, was waiting.

After Stevin shot LaVar in the back, he and Ashley stole his wallet, using his credit card for gas. Eventually, the two were arrested and imprisoned for killing LaVar.

Thomas Montgomery (46)

In 2005, Thomas Montgomery (46) met a woman in her 40s online. While the former was from New York, the latter was from West Virginia. They got involved into a pretty heated digital romance, while both claiming to be someone they’re not. Montgomery posed as a young Marine who had just returned from Iraq, and the woman used pictures of her daughter to pretend she was 18 and blonde.

All worked out well until a young male coworker of Thomas also contacted the woman and started flirting with her. Montgomery was enraged and fatally shot Barrett in the parking lot of their workplace.

Mina El Hourai (25)

French woman, Mina El Hourai (25) met a Moroccan man online, with whom she formed a digital relationship. In 2014, after just a few months of flirting, Mina went to Morocco to finally meet her lover.

She suffered from diabetes, so while as his residence, she fell unconscious, lapsing into a diabetic coma. The man panicked and thinking she was dead, she buried her in his back garden.

Mina wasn’t actually dead by that time, so she sadly suffocated to death under the dirt.

Sharon Siermans

Sharon Siermans crossed paths with Jason John Dinsley, in 2013, when they met online. After their first date, Sharon promtly realized that something was wrong with Jason and didn’t want a second date with him.

Unfortunately, that didn’t save her from Dinsley, who had 100 prior criminal convictions, and was enraged by Sharon’s refusal, he broke into her home and beat her to death with a cricket bat, while her 4-years-old son was hiding nearby.

So, as you can see, you should always be careful with online dating. Many sex offenders, criminals and lunatics find their victims online, due to the ease of approach and the possibility to hide their identity.

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