8 Bizarre Dating Sites You’ll Swear Can’t Be Real

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It’s hard to find the right person, but online dating sites can make things easier. Dating sites allow you to get to know someone better before you actually meet in person. Most sites will allow you to view different interests and hobbies of users before you start socializing.

And it seems that there are quite a few sites where people are looking for potential partners that share some quite unusual interests, needs or desires. You won’t believe these 8 odd dating websites actually exist.


Yup, you guessed it, this is a website that provides secure dating services for people with herpes. There are up to 650,000 members registered on this site, and there is also a lot of medical information regarding this subject and the possibility to receive help or advice for those suffering from herpes.


This is an online dating site dedicated for singles that have a true passion for mustaches. It’s 100% free and there are many Mustache Groups through which you can browse. Also, there are different experience levels and you can choose to meet other people based on them.


Obviously, only farmers are wanted here. So, if anyone’s looking for a farmer, cowboy, rancher, cowgirl, here is the place to find them.


A first-class dating site where female members can travel the world for free thanks to generous men. Let’s just say it connects travel-seeking singles (wink, wink).


If you are tall and can’t seem to find that special someone, this site is the solution. Tall people from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe can meet and talk through this website.


The spicy food lovers also have a platform of their own where they can meet and go on literally hot dates. Apparently true hot sauce lovers need partners who share this passion. There are options that allow you to search for people by the type of pepper used, or by the level of heat.


A website for those who prefer a mullet when it comes to their haircut. It also has search options based on the style of the mullet, including classic, mudflap, or spiky.


The living can be quite annoying at times, so why not date the dead, or more specifically a ghost? You can search your ideal ghost based on how they died: tragically, horribly, mysteriously, or suddenly.

What do you think about these weird and unusual websites?

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