15 Dating Secrets Men Don’t Like to Acknowledge

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While dating can be fun and exciting, it can also be very challenging for both men and women. When it comes to men, they’re certainly not as complicated as women, but sometimes it can be hard to know what they want (because they don’t even know what they want).

With the help of many relationship experts and coaches, we’ve come to your rescue. Knowing these dating secrets will definitely make your life easier from now on.

Ladies, this article is for you. If you wanna find out 15 dating secrets that men do, but don’t like to admit, keep ok reading. Also, CLICK HERE if you are curious to read more about women’s dating secrets!

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Even if he doesn’t tell you, he secretly wants to split the bill

According to the outdated “gentleman’s code,” if a man asks you out on a first date, he should always pay the bill. And while it is indeed a very classy and thoughtful gesture that most women will appreciate, it can really affect your budget if you’re going on first dates frequently.

Most men secretly wish to split the bill, says Katia Loisel, the owner of Love Destination. She continued saying that 51 percent of men don’t want to pay for your dinner and would prefer to go Dutch. Additionally, of those who want to pay for you, 57 percent would appreciate if women at least would offer to split the bill, she added.


“Guy talk” is very different than “Girl talk”

According to Tom Ella, one of the hosts of the dating podcast, The Undesirables, and a contributor for Tinder’s Swipe Life blog, women love talking about their love life. Men, on the other hand, don’t like to go into much detail when it comes to their dating life.

They talk about it too, especially if it’s a girl they really like, but they do it in a very different manner compared to their female counterparts. They’re less explicit and usually stick to the basics.

Their conversation is something like “And this happened.” The response might be something like “Dude, nice.” And that’s about it.


He really wants to go to your place

Most men want to go to your place, but not for the reason you would think. The truth is, women have cozier mattresses and bedrooms, nicer and cleaner sheets, softer blankets, and fluffier pillows. At his place, you’ll have to sleep on a thin pillow and an unwashed sheet.

So yes, chances are he would rather go to your place.

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He usually saves different women in his phone under different names

Especially for men who date a lot of different women all the time, the safest way to stay away from trouble and awkward situations is to save each of his flings under cod names in his phone. This way he’ll avoid sending a text to the wrong person.

Or, they usually save a girl’s number by using a guy’s name. By doing this, they don’t have to feel awkward if a girl calls or texts them while they’re on another date.


He secretly wishes you’d make the first move

Women assume men like to make the first move, but that’s not always the case. According to a 2020 survey made by the Pew Research Center, 61 percent of men stated that they wished they receive a lot more messages from the women they are interested in.

So girls, if the person you like doesn’t make the first move, you can shoot your shot first, he might actually be happy you did.


He’s actually hoping you’ll ask for a second date

Women wait for men to ask for a second date, while men secretly wised their female counterparts would ask. Some men actually prefer women who take the situation in their hands and ask for a second date.

According to Loisel, research has shown that 95 percent of men consider that women should ask them out. Additionally, some men also believe that letting women take the situation in their hands might lead to a stronger and healthier relationship.

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He doesn’t like to hear you talking about your ex

Most men don’t like to hear you talk about your ex, even if the breakup happened a long time ago. He doesn’t like to hear you complaining about your ex either, especially if you do it on the first date.

So don’t expect a call or a second date if you mentioned your ex’s name while having dinner because most men will consider the date a failure. It’s in their nature to get jealous very easily, so the last thing they want is to hear you talk about your ex. Also, they are pretty competitive, so they will inevitably start to compare themselves to your ex.

The only way it’s allowed to talk about your past relationship is if he asks you and really wants to know more details. Otherwise, better keep it to yourself. After all, most women also don’t like men who talk about their ex-girlfriends on the first date.


His place is probably ready for a guest

Even if he acts like he wasn’t expecting a guest, he’s probably lying. Men also clean their place just in case the date goes well, so they’ll be prepared.

“For the first date, he tidies up his room or flat, puts new sheets on the bed, and has made sure that it looks cozy. He plans on bringing his date home in advance,” says Schweyer. “On regular days, his place most likely looks like a mess.”

Even more, he might secretly hope to spend the night with you. So don’t be surprised if he has a spare toothbrush and clean towels for you.


He wears the same cologne for years

Most men are creatures of habit, especially when it comes to choices around personal grooming. So don’t be surprised when you find out he wears the same perfume for years, just because someone complimented it a long time ago.

And the same goes for toothpaste, deodorant and body wash. Men just don’t like to try new personal care items. You could say that they’re loyal creatures.

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He calls you “baby” when he can’t remember your first name

Women assume that men start calling them cute names like “babe,” “sweety,” and others when things are getting more serious between them. While that can be true, it’s not always the case. Sometimes they just can’t remember your name, so he’ll come up with this clever solution to avoid an awkward situation.

According to Schweyer, forgetting names is known to be a deal-breaker for most women, so men prefer using cure names to avoid an unpleasant situation. That way, they won’t have to worry whether they said the right name or not.


Men often rehearse those charming one-liners

According to Adina Mahalli, a certified relationship expert, men usually rehearse specific lines and compliments in the early phases of dating because he really wants to impress you. They usually practice alone, standing in front of a mirror, or ask a friend for help.

After a while, they learn their lines by hart, especially when they use the same compliment for every woman he dates.

“Let’s be honest, dating is hard and, depending on who you’re with, that initial first date conversation can be just a little daunting,” she says. “So it should come as no surprise that guys tend to find what works and lead with those same conversation starters time and time again.”


He likes to talk about the juicy stuff

Every juicy stuff you could imagine, he likes to talk about. Whether it’s politics, religion, or romantic topics, most men are in. However, they fear the discussion might go wrong quickly, so they often don’t bring these kinds of topics on.

So even if he likes to talk about juicy stuff, he’ll probably leave it to another time, when both of you will know each other better and be more comfortable with each other.

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He probably owns a lucky pair of underwear

Just like women, men also have certain “rituals” they like to do before a date, such as a shower, shave, and a little cologne here and there. Most men are also superstitious, so even if he doesn’t tell you that, he probably owns a pair of underwear that he chooses every time he goes on a date.

According to Ella, if a man truly wants a first date to go really well, he’ll make sure to wear his lucky underwear. If you wonder what a lucky pair of underwear is, that’s pretty simple: Most men have a certain pair of underwear that they wore one time when things ended pretty well, so he considers it lucky.


He probably has an “escape” plan just in case things don’t go as planned

According to Schweyer, if he doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship and he’s only dating for fun, chances are he already planned his escape already. Men can be very clever and they usually have everything figured out, trying his best not to hurt your feelings.

But if he tells you something like “It’s not you, it’s me” he’s probably very lazy and didn’t have time to come up with a better story.


He might say he’ll call you even if he has no intention of doing so

Most men like to say “I’ll call/ text you” even if they have no intention in doing so, and to them, it’s not even a lie. They just feel so bad leaving without saying anything, and to them, these three words mean nothing, they see it as a way to end a date and that’s about it.

So don’t be surprised if a man tells you that he’ll call you and you never hear from him again.



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