5 Ways To Battle Your Insecurities

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As humans, we constantly think, and some of our thoughts can be filled with doubt. So, it’s only natural that we’ll all feel a little unsure at times. But too much insecurity can lead to problems in our relationships. That is why we need to battle our insecurities.

If you don’t know what you should do and where to start, read these 5 ways that will help you overcome your insecurity.

1. Doubt your doubts

Your doubts are not actual opinions, but rather your deepest fears. So, you have to distance yourself from these kind of feelings. You should treat them like an external presence, so after analyzing and closely examining them you should be able to finally eliminate them from your mind.

2. Stop overthinking

Overthinking is usually bad for you, especially when you’re already having negative thoughts. This process will drain all the energy out of you and leave you stressed and anxious. So, when you feel like you’re overthinking something, just try to find some activity that will shift your attention while keeping your mind occupied.

3. Get to the root of it

No one is born feeling insecure, this is something that builds up over time as we go through different experiences. So, obviously, for every insecurity each of us has, there should be a key moment when it all began. Start asking yourself why you have certain insecurities, what first made you feel insecure or who. Only when you’ll find the real cause, you’ll be able to overcome your insecurities.

4. Cut off your comparisons

You should never compare yourself to others, otherwise you’ll just hold yourself back. Each and every one of us are unique. So, instead of comparing your path to those around you, maybe try to focus on your person and your life, what you want and how you can get it.

5. Improve self-talk

Controlling your self-talk is one of the best ways to combat negativity. As a general rule, you shouldn’t speak to yourself in a way you wouldn’t speak to your closest friend. If someone you love would tell you that they are feeling like they are not worthy of love, would you agree? Most probably, not. So, when you are feeling insecure, try telling yourself what you would say to a loved one.

Overcoming insecurities is not an easy process, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You have nothing to be afraid. You can control your thoughts and you can battle your insecurity. You are awesome and you shouldn’t let anyone, not even yourself, to say otherwise.

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