10 Reasons Why Staying Together Is a Terrible Idea

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As humans, we are social creatures, therefore, we need human connection in order to feel alive, that’s why invest so much time and effort into our romantic relationships. We’re pressured into being in a relationship because we want to fit in, then we’re pressured to get married by our family, and then, the next step would be having kids.

However, things don’t always go as planned, and relationships don’t always work, even when you want them to, because guess what, real life is very much different from what you see in romantic movies.

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But sometimes we try to hold on to something that’s not working, for many reasons. In fact, some people believe that holding on makes them strong, but in reality, letting go shows even more strength.

While letting go is far from being easy, sometimes is the best decision you can make for your well-being. Being stuck in a relationship for other reasons rather than love will never make you feel happy, safe, and accomplished.

So read on to discover the 10 reasons why staying together is a terrible idea!

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