Myths About Sex We All Believed At Some Point

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Growing up, you surely stumbled upon some crazy myths about making love. Some of them have a little bit of truth, while others are just ridiculous; like who invented them? At least, we can all say that they were really creative. Some were rumors spreaders, and some were just firmly believers.

A lot of kids back in the day used to believe these things before starting to learn the scientific facts about making love.

If you want to feel a little nostalgic and remember the good old days or if you just want a moment of laugh, you know what you need to do: just keep on reading.

Here you go: the funniest and craziest myths about making love.

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5 thoughts on “Myths About Sex We All Believed At Some Point”

  1. Some o f these were far out one other was you can tell the size of a manhood by the size of his foot NOT SO Thanks it was entertaining

  2. These were used to scare teens out of having sex, but what they did was actually push some to have sex to see if it was actually true. Hah and most of the shame was cast on the girl. Imagine that.

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