5 Things You Do To Calm First Date Nerves

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When it comes to first dates, whether you’re someone who would call themselves an anxious person or not, you’ve probably dealt with first date nerves at one time or another. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s only natural to feel a little anxious before meeting someone for the first time.

But dates should be fun and relaxing, so, let’s see what you can do to calm your first date anxiety.

Realize why it freaks you out

First dates could be very unnerving, especially if you are someone who is anxious whenever meeting someone new. But this is totally understandable, so try to acknowledge the rationality of your emotions in order to accept them. It’s just a date after all, so try not to put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Be involved in making the plans

Although it may seem that planning a date can be something very stressful, experts say that being involved in the planning process can relieve or even prevent stress. So, try to find a date that suits you both and agree on an activity you both enjoy. Then find a safe and comfortable place to meet up, so you can eliminate any potentially stressful aspects.

Avoid external stressors

While it’s clear you shouldn’t schedule your date for the same day as a big work presentation, isn’t a great idea to clear your day entirely and just wait around for the hour date to come. Just try to find a balance that works for you.

Be confident in yourself

Sure, this is easier said than done because in general we are our own biggest critics, but don’t put the pressure of everything going perfect on your date on yourself. Try standing in front of a mirror before your date and look at yourself truthfully, without resorting to unnecessary judgment. Remember, confidence is something you create within yourself.

Don’t talk about it with too many people

People can’t resist the temptation to give others advice. So, maybe don’t talk about your upcoming first date with too many people, because even if they are well intentioned, chances are that they will give you advice that can confuse you or make you even more anxious. Talking to only one or two close friends should be enough.

Try these hacks to melt away your fears and anxiety before your first date. And in general try not to overthink things, a date is after all an opportunity to meet new people and try new things. Just remember to have fun and don’t worry that much.

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