Is It Possible To Forgive An Adulterous Partner?

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Relationships and marriages are built on trust, respect, love, and two people committed to one another. However, when your significant other is choosing to break that trust by giving in to their wants or desires, everything you’ve built together gets broken in a blink of an eye.

But can there be life after an affair? Or, is it possible to forgive someone even though they broke your heart? You’re left with two choices now, you either forgive them and stay, or you forgive them, but go anyway.

It definitely sounds a lot easier than it is, but either way, it’s up to you if you feel like you can forgive them and move on, or if you can’t trust them again which means that there’s no point in staying in the relationship. Maybe you feel like you can’t forgive them for hurting you like that, and that’s ok.

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However, cheating doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of a relationship. According to psychotherapist Matt Lundquist, those who can stay and deal with the situation with their partners are more likely to do successful work to recover from the affair.

Infidelity happens for many reasons, and none of them are good. Sometimes people tend to cheat out of boredom, because they want something new, because of ego, ignorance, or stupidity, while others do it just because they can.

It’s easy to lie to yourself saying that it doesn’t mean anything or nobody will find out, because in reality, it means everything. And just like that, in a simple moment, you can lose everything you have, because infidelity calls everything into question, and your partner might never trust you again.

And now the question is, can you forgive an adulterous partner? Read on to find out!

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