8 Things You MUST Do To Avoid Divorce

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5. Do something together!

Another great way to keep the relationship alive and happy is to have activities that you both enjoy doing together! You get to spend time just the two of you, so why not make the most out of it, and find something that is exciting and fun?

Whether it’s going to the cinema to see a new-released movie, going bowling, playing a board game, or even going for a stroll in your neighborhood, you should make it a priority to participate at least once a week doing something just for the two of you!

6. Spend some time apart!

This might seem like a joke after we’ve just told you that you and your partner should do activities together every week. However, there are many studies that suggest you should participate in activities that bring you joy, regardless of whether your spouse wants to join you or not.

In addition to that, if each one of you goes to a course or a club that you enjoy, you are more likely to spawn more interest between you! Don’t be sad if your partner wants to hang out with their friends one night, they will miss you more afterward!

7. Friends before lovers! 

According to John Gottman, who is a psychology professor, the key to a healthy and happy relationship is to be friends with your partner before being lovers!

This means that you should know each other very well, and you should respect and love one another. A marriage that it’s based on friendship is more likely going to succeed!

For example, during an interview, actress Blake Lively said that she knew her husband, Ryan Reynolds, long before they got together. She remembered that they were talking about how both of them were single, while they were promising one another that they are going to find someone.

They talked for over a year, until Lively suggested that maybe they should try dating, given the fact that they get along as friends. What can we say? It seems like it really worked out well because they have been married for 10 years now and they have three beautiful children together.

8. Don’t forget to say “I love you!”

You don’t have to say it every day, just like you would recite a poem at kindergarten, but you shouldn’t forget about these three special words! Tell your partner you love them and show them you care about them! Making little gestures that show affection, will make your relationship happier and stronger!


What do you think about this subject? Have you ever tried any of these tips? If yes, did any of them work out? We are curious to know about your experience, so let us know about them by leaving a comment in the section down below!

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