If Your Significant Other Is Asking You to Do These Things, They Don’t Care About You

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Someone who loves you will make you feel appreciated, supported, respected, and very importantly, they allow you to be yourself. As you might know already, a successful relationship needs equality in order to thrive. Therefore, no one should have more authority than the other, it’s as simple as that.

But when a relationship is no longer treated as a partnership, and your significant other is trying to control its dynamics, chances are they don’t respect you enough. Complaining about the fact that you spend too much money on clothes, or making fun of your new haircut is one thing, but telling you how to cut your hair and what clothes to wear is a whole another topic.

However, even though these things might seem unimportant at first, they might lead to more serious topics, until they ask you to change your religion, studies, career, your personality, or other things that matter to you.

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