How To Know When Your Relationship Is Falling Apart: 5 Signs

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1. Disagreements Escalate Into Arguments

Disagreeing is a normal thing, and positive discussions and debates are an indication that you’re in a healthy relationship that gives you the chance to bond with and learn from your other half. However, when things get out of hand (yes, we’re talking about screaming, flat-out yelling, and tantrum like explosions), it’s a clear sign that you have to reevaluate what’s happening.

When a minor disagreement turns into something more serious where one of you strives to force the other to do or see things another way, it’s a definite sign that you’re growing apart. That’s why, in most cases, one-sided relationships are a clear indication of a failing or falling apart relationship.

2. There’s No Emotional Connection

When the spark has gone, it can be difficult to tell if a relationship is worth saving. One of the major signs your emotional connection has faded is that you are no longer open and vulnerable with your partner. A keystone of healthy relationships is that both you and your partner feel comfortable being your true self around the other one and sharing real thoughts with one another.

When you find yourself behaving in ways that aren’t typical, you may need to ask yourself where your attitude is coming from. Is it something in your partner’s attitude that makes you hide your emotions? Or is it just you that no longer wants to be open and vulnerable?

A lack of real communication in a relationship is always a sign that something’s wrong. In most cases, this means that there’s no more deep connection. Similarly, if you’ve noticed that the usual inside jokes are gone — or it’s difficult to get into engaging conversations — your relationship could be getting weaker.

3. Lack of Intimacy

Now here’s an elephant in the room. Sexual desire can fluctuate over the course of a relationship. That’s a fact. If you’re in a lull and don’t know how to press the reset button on your sex life, that’s not always a sign that the relationship is falling apart. Relationship consultants recommend imagining the first time you got intimate with your partner and being aware of how exactly the memory makes you feel.

This practice is pretty straightforward: if that moment brings out something good in you — and you like the feeling — then chances are that your relationship hasn’t lost its sexual spark.

Now, if you feel that you’ve lost interest in your partner, that may be a clear sign that something has gone wrong. How does it feel when your partner is touching you intimately? Do you like it, or does it make you uncomfortable? If you feel like you’re never in the mood, it could indicate that you need to rekindle your relationship or that a breakup may be on the horizon.

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