6 Signs You’ve Been A Victim Of Gaslighting

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If you’ve read any of our articles before, you know that we talk about a lot of things here, such as love, breakups, depression, dating advice, mistakes that people who are in a relationship usually make, and so many other things.

In today’s article, we will discuss something a little bit different that many people have experienced during their relationships. With that being said, our objective today is to understand the phenomenon called gaslighting and its red flags.

Gaslighting is the name of a certain type of psychological manipulation, in which someone seeks to grow tiny seeds of doubt in a particular person or members of a targeted group.

As a result, the victims start to question their own perception, memory, and even sanity. They don’t have doubts regarding their own beliefs and behavior.

This term became well-known in 1944, after the release of the popular movie “Gaslight”, which reveals the story of a man who is constantly trying to manipulate his wife.

After being brainwashed for so long, she starts to consider herself a crazy woman. Even though she tries to defend and protect her own person, her partner does the complete opposite.

We were curious to find out more about this weird thing that actually exists in real life. We’ve talked to several dating and love experts who shared their pieces of knowledge with us.

The movie mentioned above also tackled a very serious topic, which is what we know as the Stockholm Syndrome, in which the victims are actually dependent on their mockers.

Here are 6 signs you’ve been a victim of gaslighting.

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