4 Ways COVID Changed Your Love Life

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1. No more desire

Many people who have been together long before the pandemic occurred, observed that at the beginning of the lockdown, they were more tempted and excited to be intimate with their partners.

That might be because everyone shifted to working from home, so things were somehow new and exciting for couples who didn’t get to see each other as much before this.

According to a social psychologist named Rhonda Balzarini, the initial spike in intimacy desire can be seen as the “honeymoon” phase, when people are not aware of the whole situation and they react more effectively to stress.

Over time, as things tend to get even more serious and the normal way of living changes, people tend to get more and more anxious, and couples start facing difficulties.

Hospitalizations, increased number of cases, and thousands of deaths were only a few stress factors that made people fear and isolate. For some of them, these even managed to trigger depression.

As a result, the intimacy desire decreased severely…

2. Too much time together 

There are many people who’ve stated that they weren’t used to spending so much time with their partners. Even though they liked it at first, after a while, things got boring.

That was because the surprise factor was gone, they didn’t miss each other anymore, and their relationship didn’t have any mystery left. For instance, a woman stated that she never realized how loud her spouse was chewing until she ate three meals a day with him.

Believe it or not, these things can drive the desire between partners to go away!

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