4 Ways COVID Changed Your Love Life

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3. Routine

As many activities as you might’ve had at the beginning of the lockdown, things felt like a routine, eventually. Boredness and anxiety came into play, and every day felt the same.

Even the intimacy drive was the same. There are couples who said that they either didn’t do anything at all or if they did, they weren’t very present during the moment.

4. Boredom 

It’s human nature to try different activities when you feel extremely bored and bedroom time is certainly one of them. However, there were spouses who’ve said that they found ways to spice things up and make the activity more interesting.

On the other hand, people reported that since the pandemic hit, they felt more bored than usual, and they returned to intimacy as a way to pass the time.

As you can imagine, the activity itself wasn’t very appealing and interesting.

Can you change things?

According to several dating and relationships experts, there are a few ways partners can make each other crave more intimate time together:

  • trying new things;
  • going on dates;
  • watching “special” movies together;
  • going somewhere special;
  • trying a new location.

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