Why Your In-Laws Are Driving You Crazy

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As some would say, you either love or hate your in-laws, there’s no in-between. But is it really true? What are your in-laws doing to make you resent them? Maybe they’re too meddling and like to interfere in your life, maybe they’re judging the way you raise their grandchildren or criticize all your moves.

We’ve gathered information from Parenting.com’s Facebook page, where moms all over the country complain about their in-laws. As one mom wrote, her relationship with her mother-in-law is very complicated. She comes once a week to her house to spend time with her grandchild, but instead of focusing on having a good time, all she does is criticizing her methods by telling her what she’s doing wrong, starting from the way she feeds her son, his feet are too cold, he’s not dressed properly, and so on.

She also added that her mother-in-law contributed to a lot of fights between her and her husband. Another mom wrote that every time she and her husband meet their in-laws they go to their house or to a restaurant, and they’re the ones always paying for the meal because their in-laws never offer it. That wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t having money issues, but the fact that her in-laws never offered to pay, not even once, made her resent them.

Also, she remembers one time her mother-in-law offering a gift for her daughter, saying something like ‘I don’t really know what this is, but here, take it.’ The fact that she didn’t put some thought into the gift was also not nice to hear.

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