How You Should Talk To Someone About Their Toxic Relationship, According to Experts

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We’ve all been there, dealing with a toxic partner and not knowing how to escape, because you love them. Or if you haven’t been in a toxic relationship, you certainly know someone who has, and it’s not a very pretty experience.

Chances are, a close friend of yours is going through something similar and you want to be helpful, but simply do not know how. But seeing your friend in a toxic relationship is more than seeing them not clicking with their partner or not getting along. Toxic relationships are painful, disrespectful, and frustrating, and it’s definitely not an easy topic to discuss with anyone, so you’ll need to learn how to talk to someone who’s going through this.

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As a friend, you probably want what’s best for them and know how they deserve to be treated. Also, it can be easier to spot someone’s toxic behavior when you’re not directly involved with them. But when you notice your friend not being treated well by their partner, it’s normal to want to express your concerns and help them overcome the situation.

You need to be prepared to face a defensive friend, because it’s usually not easy opening up about relationship problems, especially when you want it to work. That’s why it’s vital for you to learn how to be a good friend to someone in need, without overstepping your boundaries.

Read on to discover how you should talk to a close friend that’s going through a toxic relationship, according to experts!

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