20+ Post-Divorce Mistakes You Should Avoid No Matter What


Getting a divorce is not the end of your life. Sure, post-divorce life can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be horrible. It might sound cliche to say that how you transition and adapt to your new life and is up to you, but the ball is really in your court.

You might not be able to control many things in this world, like the weather, but your behavior is not one of them. You might feel hurt, abandoned, disappointed and downright angry, but if you want to come out stronger and happier after this entire experience, avoid making these 20+ post-divorce mistakes.


1.Say or do anything out of spite

You might still be feeling hurt, disappointed and angry with your ex, but this doesn’t mean you should allow your emotions to control you and the way you act. Keep the bitter and sarcastic comment to yourself and don’t do anything that would just show your ex that you are still bitter and frustrated about how your relationship ended. Give yourself some time before rushing into taking impulsive decisions that do you no good.


2.Make your kids pick a side

Getting divorced is painful not only for adults but also for their children. The worst thing you could do when it comes to your children is to put them in the middle of you and your ex. This doesn’t mean you have to keep things away from them, but forcing them to take sides and choose between parents will hurt them even more. Be honest with your children and reassure them that they are cared for and loved by both parents even if they are not together anymore.  There’s no need for them to pick a side.

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