Are You Guilty of Doing This to Your Ex?

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Breaking up is not exactly a good experience, even when it’s what you want. Most people want to get rid of anything that belongs to their ex as soon as they break up, and for a good reason, because seeing their clothes or old couple photos might be too much to handle. So we choose to throw away the photos, clothes, and any other reminders from the time you were together, including their old T-shirt you loved sleeping in.

Here are 4 Efficient Ways to Get Over a Breakup.

And that’s more common than you’d think. In fact, dating app Plenty of Fish has released its annual list of dating trends, and apparently, getting rid of your ex’s things is among the most common. There are many reasons for which you might be tempted to delete and throw away anything that reminds you of them, including all the photos on social media.

Read on to discover why it’s actually healthy to delete everything and move on, according to relationship experts!

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